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Komodo Island Tours

Komodo island is located between the island of Flores and Sumbawa island in the lesser Sunda islands of Indonesia. Komodo Island is approximately 37 km long and 22 km wide and about 336 km2. Komodo island tours are packages to explore the wonderful islands. We have some tour packages, as below:

Komodo Island Tours 3D-2N

This is our popular tour package. The tour covers trekking at Komodo Island, Rinca, Padar Island and also snorkeling at Pink beach, Manta Point, Siaba Island. This tour can be started either from the airport of Komodo or from you hotel.


Komodo Island Tours 2D-1N

The tour is designed for those who do not want to live on board longer than expected. This tour covers snorkeling at Pink Beach, Siaba island, Manta Point and also trekking at Padar Island, Rinca Island and also at Komodo island as well. It is better to start the tour from Labuan Bajo and stay at a hotel prior start the tour.

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